The big decision and a huge life change

By James

These past 8 months have been a whirlwind of emotions, stress and learning. Last June we were throwing around the idea of doing 2 completely different directions: 1 being small business owners and starting a truly organic Aquaponic produce supply, or we give everything up and start full time travel in a tiny home.

We threw around these ideas around for a few weeks discussing them and not really committing to anything for about a month, we knew a big change in our life was coming just not which one. This is where the excitement started.

We were 5 months into 2016 and already had in interesting year with moving from Vegas to northern California for my job, as well as working on creating an Aquaponic system in the garage that was self-sustainable and produced huge heads of yummy greens.

In the beginning of July, we decided that our time was almost already fully committed to our jobs and we had very little time to our self’s as it was and starting a business and running it successfully was going to take every little bit of time we could spare. This is when I came to realize that time was the most valuable thing in our existence and that we will never get more nor get any back that was wasted. I had already spent most of my life trying to work harder and longer than everyone else and to be successful. Every year it was the same discussion between Sarah and me: Just 1 more year of working hard and make a lot of money so that next year we can do something about it by changing. Ever since Sarah and I met we had always talked about living small, we had thrown around ideas of RV life (full size RV’s) and homesteading on a piece of property.

So, with the time realization and always saying next year, we decided to give up everything we had up and jump into a life of the risky and unknown. This was a huge life change for us and we talked about it a lot…. We were going to have to get rid of nearly everything we had, quit both of our jobs and go from making 170k+ a year between the 2 of us to almost nothing. All the money we needed would have to come from hustling while on the road. The more we talked about what we would have to do and what we would get from doing those things the more we got excited about doing it until we jumped head first into it by buying our Van.

We had looked at our options for weeks and we had talked about what we were willing to give up and what we would not give up. Being able to stand up in our van was a must have, there are plenty of people that live the van life style without standing up but that was just something we were not going to be able to live with daily especially with our 80-pound dog in the same space. We had decided that the Sprinter type van was what we needed. The Sprinter were very expensive though they started at 80k and all the used ones I could find were beaten to hell and had 100’s of thousands of miles on them. So, I started looking at Dodges and Fords since they make the same body type of vans. They were half the cost at 40k new but the used ones could be found at reasonable cost with low miles. One day while surfing vans at dealers in the Nor Cal market I ran across a van that met all my requirements (large wheel base, high top, low miles, newish, a solid bulkhead and no back windows) it had 12k miles and they were asking 24k for it. I drove down that day, test drove it and bought it.

That was a very exciting day for the both of us as we were committed to this path. We knew all the things we would have to do and what the life style would demand of us. But for all the things we were giving up, we were gaining much more for our self’s. We knew that this path would be much better for our relationship and our souls, it will be very challenging and stressful at times but would also have many rewards.


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