Nudity In The Desert

Tanque Verde Falls

Tucson AZ   Jan 6th 2017


By James and Sarah


This hike started out with some fun knowledge that there is nudist in the area and it is possible to encounter naked people on the trail.

Tanque Verde Falls trail was about a 30-minute drive from Sarah’s sisters house.  It was a very beautiful drive.  We passed through a small stream that came across the road and saw a house that had a camel on their property.  Completely random!  After that the road became dirt.  Driving on this 3-mile dirt road was horrendous! It was a rough on the van.  There were three different trail-heads.  The main trail-head had a parking area.  We decided to drive up past that and found the trail that we decided to hike.  We were very pleased with that decision because the only people we ran into were a couple on our way out. Our adventure today was joined by Sarah’s cousin Marcia and her wife Nadia. We had been trying to get out and hike with them for almost a year. Love you guys!!


The start of the trail there was a big yellow warning sign about not cliff jumping, and many hikers had written on the sign about nudity. A few turns later down the trail there was another posting that read “Clothing Optional Area”. We had joked around about walking naked in the desert with boots and a hat with all the cactus. The trail itself was easy to moderate, there were several areas that had an uphill to walk but other than that it was a very nice walk with great views and even a good overlook of the falls and the stream that makes a good selfie spot. Xander of course had hard time not being the leader of our troop, typical Xander. He also had a hard time resisting the smell of the cactus, knock on wood he did not learn the sting yet.


As we left the trail and landed on the beach (yep that’s right a beach in the desert) we were amazed at how beautiful and out place everything seemed. The beach was 50ft long by 20ft wide and felt and looked just like beach sand, perfect for some nude sunbathing. The stream had created a large pool of water at the beach and was actually quite deep as Xander found out on accident. So, we spent the next couple hours exploring the area and playing on the beach (Xander’s favorite part). During Xander’s beach exploring he found stinky human poop and decided to eat it (people please don’t poop on beaches, its not nice).  Luckily there was water to wash Xander off in, because he stank really bad. Sarah thought it would be cool to draw in the sand and take a few family pictures, she wrote: Tucson 2017.


After pictures, goofing around on the beach, eating some poop, falling in the water, climbing over rocks, and flying the drone we decided to head back. The scenery, the company, the beach, and the stream left Sarah with a stamp on her brain as a lasting impression. Thanks for joining ladies!!












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