January 14-23

Quartzsite, AZ

Blythe, CA

Oatman, AZ

Bullhead City, AZ

Laughlin, NV

Kingman, AZ

This blog is going to sum up a few stops that we made.  So, please bear with us!

On January 13 Sarah flew to Las Vegas from Phoenix to visit some friends. While Sarah was, in Vegas James went to Quartzsite, AZ.  There is an event there called Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR).  People gather for about two weeks out in the desert and hang out.  It is all about people who are doing some variety of what we are doing, whether it be in a van, RV, car, bike, tent.  Every morning there is a group “class” on various subjects.  They talked about things like solar systems, work camping, boon docking, help getting ideas on how others make this type of life work, etc.  It is really refreshing to see so many people gather with the same interest and willing to help complete strangers.  And there were a LOT of people there, close to 1,000!



Once Sarah returned from Vegas we spent another night out there together then headed on to Blythe, Ca.  This was just a stop along the way to Laughlin.  We had this route for our plan to stop in Nevada to get the van registration switched over from California to Nevada.  Which didn’t happen!  As with most “perfect” plans, but oh well.  So, Blythe was a stop at the Blythe Intaglios (gravel pictographs).  These are best viewed from above because it is huge pictures etched in the ground.  We tried to take the drone up to get an aerial view but it was extremely windy so we took some lame selfies.






After Blythe, we headed to Oatman, AZ.  On the way to Oatman we crossed the Colorado river and drove down to the river under the bridge.  We found some amazing artwork on the concrete pillars.  I was a cool random finding.  It looked like a tribute to today’s Native Americans.


We also stayed the night in Lake Havasu.  They have a parked named Sara Park, we had to stop there!   There was a brewery, “Mudshark” that we wanted to visit.  They have great beer!  If you get the chance, try their Lunacy beer.


Oatman is known for all the wild donkeys!  We found a great stop to camp for the night.  It really is a beautiful area.  James commented on how the peaceful solitude was exactly what he needed after two weeks of people everywhere in Quartzsite.  Not 20 minutes after that comment a big group of about seven or eight dune buggies zoom though the wash just below us!  Half of them decide to stop, get out and pee, and chat like high school girls.  They stayed for, what seemed like ages, but was probably only an hour.  After they finally zoomed off we had peace again.   As the sun was setting (a beautiful view) you James could hear the donkeys “talking”.  There was plenty of signs of donkeys out there.  By signs I, of course, mean Xander’s favorite snack, poop!  Thankfully he wasn’t too interested in tasting donkey poop.  Sarah really wanted to hear the donkeys talking and opened the van door to hear them.  In the process, set off the van alarm and scared them all.  Oops!


Leaving our camp site James spotted these huge holes in the rocks.  The holes went all the way through.  Sarah climbed up on the other side of the hole and got a great picture of the van through the hole in the rock.


We headed into town next.  Oatman is a neat place to check out.  It felt a little eerie the day that we visited.  The weather was a little gloomy and it is an old mining town.  It is damn near a ghost town.  There are still a few gold mines in the area.   Driving through town it was fun to see all the old buildings.  We also got to see a group of donkeys hanging out in front of one of the shops.  They were obviously regulars!  The women working at the shop were out front petting the two that were up on the patio.  I think there was a lack of Jack Asses due to the weather.  Usually that is a good thing, but we were hoping to get to see more.





Bullhead City was out next stop.  We needed to do boring stuff, like get an oil change and attempt to take care of the van registration business.  We must have gone back and forth across the river about 20 times.  Laughlin to Bullhead back to Laughlin back to Bullhead.  Sarah’s phone finally gave up trying to figure out the time zone.  It would be awesome if we just got rid of daylight savings!  Anyways, we got as far as getting the inspection done on the van and almost had the Nevada plates in our hands when we were told that we needed to get a smog inspection!  And of course, there aren’t any smog places in Laughlin.  Frustrated and annoyed we decided to say screw it and deal with it later.  On with our travels!


Even though we didn’t get accomplished what we wanted to with the route that we had planned and we made the best of it.  We really recommend Mudshark beer and Oatman, AZ!  Now we are off to the Flagstaff area.  Hopefully we don’t freeze!


One thought on “Jackass

  1. They have 2 store/shops called, “Jackass Treasures ” LOL. Also the ” Classy Ass” Lol I wish I would of thought of it first. Home sweet Home…………


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