Sedona, AZ January 26-29th 2017


Awe Sedona!  What a place of amazing red beauty.  As we were driving towards Sedona it seemed like these huge majestic red rocks sprang up out of nowhere.  The rocks were layered in a perfect ombre of colors.  The richest reds starting closest to the earth and fading in color the higher they got.



We found a wonderfully peaceful (and free) place to camp, thanks to dispersed camping in the National Forest. You can free camp for up to 14days in National Forest dispersed camping, its when you get into developed campsite with toilets and water that you have to pay.  There was no one around us and while it was a little chilly the rays of the sun helped warm our bones in the cold weather.  Xander loved the opportunity to be able to run free and explore the area even though it was very cold there was little snow in this area. The average temperature we have been in for a few weeks now have been a high of 40’s and low’s in the teens, I believe it got down to 17 degrees that night.



Driving through town to get to a trail-head, we were both in awe of how beautiful the town of Sedona is.  Lots of lovely shops line the streets that offer art, food, gifts, and physic readings. The town was literally in the middle of the National Park with hundreds of free trails on all the beautiful mountains surrounding all sides of the city. It was such a site, no matter what street you went down in the city there were great mountain backdrops to look at.


Our first hike in Sedona was Cathedral Rock.  Cathedral Rock is a very popular place, and of course we were there on a Saturday.  Xander impressed us with his tolerance to people on this hike.  There is hope for him yet!  We hiked up as far as we could with Xander.  The hike started to get a little tough for him because of all the rock scrambling that was involved.  We enjoyed some people watching and took in the humbling view of the enormous rock formations in front of us.  We decided to walk around the base of the rock some then head back to the van for some lunch.  It was a perfect day!




The next hike we did was The Devil’s Bridge.  We hit this hike first thing in the morning and it paid off. We did a drive by the day before and cars lined the streets well before the trail head parking.  There wasn’t much traffic when we got there just a handful of people, which made it that much more enjoyable.   This hike was a bit longer and a little harder but worth every step.  We had to walk along a dirt road for about 3 miles before we hit the trail-head. The trail itself was only .7 miles.  As we got closer to the “bridge” we came across a couple of waterfalls that were frozen in their tracks.  Frozen waterfalls are so amazing.  This hike required Xander to do a bit of rock climbing.  Most of it was step like, so we felt confident that he could handle it.  The Devil’s Bridge is a natural rock bridge.  It was a breath-taking view on top of the bridge, literally breath taking for Sarah.  You can’t help but wonder, how long did this take to form and when will it fall!  On the way, down Xander earned his rock climbing badge as he learned how to safely navigate the rocks.  We spent half the day on this hike then drove to town and found a little farmers market.  It was another perfect day!



When reflecting on our short time in Sedona, Sarah mentioned how peaceful and serine it felt just being there.  James thought it was interesting that she chose those words to describe it.  The reason he found it interesting is because he had read that Sedona was a vortex area.  A vortex is believed to be a special spot on earth where energy is either entering the earth or projecting out of the earths plane.  The Native Americans believe that spiritual transformation can occur more quickly here because the veils to other dimensions are thinner.  Whether you believe in that stuff or not it felt regenerating being there.

It is safe to say that, so far, Sedona is our favorite place in Arizona.  The area is beautiful beyond words.  The spirituality and culture of this place really inspires.  If you have the chance to visit one place in Arizona, make it Sedona!


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