Page, AZ February 2017


We spent more time in Page than we have at any other stop since we’ve been on the road.  This is a small town with a lot of tourist passing through.  There is the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon.

We spent so much time here out of convince (so we thought).  We needed to get some things done that required internet.  Things like planning our Utah adventure, write and post blogs, and upload/edit some videos.  The free internet in this town made you remember dial up days.  We tried three different places and settled for the public library.  The library its self was very nice.  It had great little nooks for work stations that had views of the canyons and decent Wi-Fi.

One of the places we tried to use internet was The Dam Bar.  While we were skeptical, because it didn’t have great reviews, we enjoyed it there… mostly for the cheap beer.  I think we were there three different times.  Spending many hours at a time there.   We even decided to spend Super Bowl there (what a crazy game).  During half time they had a raffle and we won a Bud Light neon sign!  Can you believe it?  Perfect, we can just mount it above the bed, no problem.  We ended up selling it that night to a guy at the bar who wanted it, for much less than I’d like to admit.  But, we didn’t have to haul it around with us until it sold on eBay and he got the sign he had his eye on for a great deal.  The staff here was great.  They worked hard and were genuine.   We made sure to stop by and tell them bye before we headed out. If your ever around they have good food, cheap drinks just don’t depend on using their Wi-Fi, its crap.


The day came for our Antelope Canyon tour.  We checked the weather and planned it on a sunny day so that we could get lots of colors on our tour.  This is one of the activities that we both agreed we needed to do, even though it was going to cost us more money than we usually pay for stuff.  So, we found a tour company that tours the lower canyon.  It is a little cheaper because it doesn’t get crazy sun beams like the upper canyon around 33 bucks each.  To our delight, we found out on our tour that during this time of year you get a lot of fiery colors but not much sunbeam.

20170208_105204_001 (3)

20170208_105059 (3)

20170208_102418 (1)

Meredith, our tour guide, with Dixie Lower Antelope Canyon Tours was excellent.  We managed to get into a tour that was 40 minutes sooner than the one we scheduled.  We scored big time.  There were only four other people on that tour, and our original time was almost full with 20 people.  Meredith gave us a great lesson in Native American culture, from the different clans and customs to the history of Antelope Canyon.  She also had great tips for photographs in the canyon, as I’m sure all the guides do. Since there were only 6 of us and we made it clear we were in no rush she really took her time and only moved on when we all were ready to keep moving, unlike another small group that passed us because their guide was rushing them through.  The group that we toured with were from Austria and they had a great sense of humor.  The tour really exceeded our expectations.




The climb down into the canyon was something else.  Each flight of stairs got more and more vertical.  Meredith suggest climbing down backwards like a ladder if you were scared.  I was scared but I wasn’t going to give in to my stupid fear.  The beauty of this canyon is almost indescribable.  Luckily, we took about a billion photos to share!  You really can’t help but take a picture every turn.  I imagine if there were waves on the sun, this is what it would look like.  So many bright and vivid variations of orange, red, pink, and purple.

20170208_100103 (3)

20170208_105500 (1)


Meredith had a fun trick of pushing sand off the edge of the rock and taking a picture of it.  It made it look like a sand waterfall.  She also pointed out several different formations in the canyon like the bear, elephant, eagle, the Chief, the woman in the wind and Jabba the Hutt.  I could only make out two of them, the eagle and the elephant.

20170208_105407 (3)


20170208_103825 (2)

20170208_102829 (1)

I’m so glad that we decided to spend the money on this adventure.  I know we don’t have a summer time tour to compare the sunbeams to, but I can’t imagine being more impressed.  The way the sun changes the color of the Navajo sandstone is remarkable.  It is like a magical paintbrush was dipped into the sun and brushed on the canyon walls.  I felt nothing but positive thoughts, feelings, and memories from Antelope Canyon.  Time to turn the Page on Arizona and head to Utah.


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