February 2017


Arizona is such a stunning state.  There is such a vast variety of desert landscape.  From the enticing desert with all its shapely cactus and marvelous sunsets, to the forested mountains covered in a white blanket of snow, to the tremendous canyon formations of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Arizona was the beginning of our journey and I hope it didn’t set the bar to high!

Arizona State Line at Hoover Dam


We embarked on our adventure in Tucson, Arizona.  After spending almost two weeks with my mom, sister, and nephew we hit the road.  We spent a total of 34 days and traveled about 2,469 miles in Arizona.  Most of it was exceptional.  The places that really stood out though were Sedona and Antelope Canyon.  The only “negative”, if you even want to call it that, was that tourist trap that we turned right back around and left, The Meteor Crater.


Tuscon area

Tuscon area1

Adjusting to life on the road has been smooth.  We were lucky enough to have a chance to slowly ease into it.  We have been living in the van since October 2016 and just bouncing between family to use the shower and anything else we needed.  Finding places to park in the city or camp in the open haven’t been a problem yet.  We found peace of mind that we can survive in cold weather. We spent more than a few night under 20 degrees and were nice and cozy in our little home. The biggest thing about living in such a small space is to stay organized and clean.  James was worried about me on these two factors.  I can be a bit of a slob sometimes.  There just isn’t room for that in the van though.  Everything has its place and needs to be put away to keep it comfortable in the van.  We also tried to figure out a rough budget.  Being the first month on the road we wanted to see how we stacked up to our estimated spending.  Weeeeeeelllll, we went over budget by a few hundred dollars.  I’ll give you one guess where all the extra money was spent- BEER!  We enjoyed lots of great breweries in Arizona.  We will be more mindful of that part of the budget in this area from now on.  Everything else was pretty much on point.


Phenix Area

Phenix Area1

Arizona was definitely a great place to start our wandering.  It will leave a lasting impression on us both.  James was blown away at how beautiful a desert can actually be.  I feel so naïve growing up in Arizona and not realizing how beautiful it was.  I think that makes me appreciate this journey through Arizona even more.  I’m truly grateful to have had this experience in Arizona. I’m proud to say that I’m from Arizona.


Sodona Area

Sodona Area1



Flagstaff area

Flagstaff area1


Navajo Area

Naijo area

Naijo Area1


Utah State line at Monument Valley


Utah State line1



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