Our list of misc stuff we use

So it takes a surprising amount of “stuff” to make the van work smoothly and then you have all the extra “stuff” that you convenience your self you need. Well here is our list of “stuff”!!

This includes everything that is not electrical. For the electrical I am making a separate page

Get unstuck with these tire cleats. They have saved us in Ice and Mud so far. A great tool for the adventurous

Trac-Grabber – The “Get Unstuck” Traction Solution for Trucks/SUV’s – Emergency Rescue Device, Prevents Slipping in Snow, Sand & Mud – Chain or Snow Tire Alternative (Set of 2 Blocks & Straps)

USB 15ft extension. We use this to plug in the dog blanket.

UGREEN USB Extension Cable USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable A Male to A Female with Built-in Signal Booster Chips (15ft)

Here is the hitch we have that we can stand on and shower of the back.

Heininger 3052 PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step

Here is our cell phone booster

weBoost Drive 4G-X Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car, Truck, and RV Use – Enhance Your Signal up to 32x. Can Cover up to 4 Devices.

This is the shatter proof mirror we use

Source One Acrylic Safety Mirror Sheet Great for Classroom Camping Fun House – Shatter Resistant (5×7 Inch)

This is the front guard/bumper we use

TAC Custom Fit 2014-2017 Dodge Ram Pro-Master Van (Full Size) Front Runner Guard BLK Brush Nudge Push Bull Bar

This is our 2 folding bikes we have

Xspec 26″ 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Bicycle Trail Commuter Shimano Black

Here is our 4k Video recorder by DJI the Osmo

DJI Osmo Handheld 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal Starters Bundle

This is our 12volt tire pump. The Promaster needs to pump up to 85PSI. Gas stations only go up to 60psi. This is a must have

P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator – Electric 12v DC Portable Auto Air Compressor. Pump to 150 Psi. With Carry Case

This is our heat mat for under Xanders bed. Works great. It is showing not available on Amazon at the moment


Here is our 64 quart DC fridge

Dometic CFX-65DZUS Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator/Freezer – 61 Liters

And our Mr Buddy Heater

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater and Mr. Heater Buddy Series Hose Assembly – 10-ft., Model F273704 Bundle

Our tape sealant for the roof penetrations.

EternaBond RSW-4-50 RoofSeal Sealant Tape, White – 4″ x 50′

Our front windshield reflector

Sunshade for Ram Promaster Full-size Van w/RV Mirror 2014 2015 2016 2017 Heatshield Sunshade 1562

Our Propane stove

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

12 inch DC Fan for circulation

Fan-Tastic 01100WH Endless Breeze Stand alone Fan

This is our deep sink we bought

Mustee 11 Utility Sink, 17-Inch x 20-Inch, White

This is our 20 gallon water tank

Barker Manufacturing Company 11916 20 Gal. Water Tank Kit

A inline water filter prior to the water pump

SHURFLO (255-213) 1/2″ Twist-On Pipe Strainer

Our water pump

SHURflo 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump

Our fantastic Vent

Fan-Tastic 801251 RV Roof Vent

The Zipper we used for the bug screen

Zipper, 72″ Inch, YKK, Black, 10, Seperating Zipper, Double Metal Slider, Boat Canvas

The Marine Vinyl we used for the bug screen

VViViD White Weatherproof Faux Leather Finish Marine Vinyl Fabric (10ft x 54″)

The UV resistant Mesh for the bug screen





 Moab, UT February 2017


Arches National Park is located just outside of Moab, UT and is neighbors with Canyonlands National Park.  This park is well named.  There are so many beautiful and different arches to see.  The come in all different size and shapes too.


We did this Park after the South Canyonlands park.  This park was much busier than Canyonlands.  Which equaled lots of bored kids complaining about being there and more foreigners with selfie sticks.  It was still pretty windy and cold when we went to Arches.  This park had more variety of trail lengths though.





James still didn’t feel good about his knee.  We did a few hikes together to some great arches.  The Landscape Arch is one worth mentioning because in 1991 a huge piece of rock at the bottom part of the arch fell!  There was a visitor who managed to catch a picture of it falling.  Can you imagine being there when that happened?  This trail had a really cool tree on the path also.  We are suckers for pictures of interesting trees.



Before we ended the day I hiked to Delicate Arch.  James stayed with Xander in the van to give his knee a rest.  This hike was 3 miles round trip and 480 feet elevation gain, all on the way to the arch.  The way back was all down hill.  It seemed like it just went straight up the side of the mountain.  It was all one giant slab of rock.  It is crazy how a trail gets worn into the rock from all the people.  The views up to the arch we spectacular.



When you’re almost to the arch you walk on this path that they blasted out the side of the rock to make.  It got my stomach turning a little bit.  I don’t like being up on the edge of cliffs like that.  It was totally worth it though.  The Delicate Arch was like a piece of art work that had its own gallery dedicated to it.  When you come around the corner, there it is standing tall all by itself with an amphitheater in front of it.



After Arches National Park we finished up Canyonlands then headed to Green River, UT.  Talk about a dieing town.  We had researched a landscape called Crystal Geyser, so we added it to our pit stops.  It is near Green River.  We found the route to get out to the geyser.  It was all dirt road.  Well after a few wrong turns and almost getting stuck a couple times we decided it wasn’t meant to be.  The van made some pretty impressive ruts in the super soft sand sections that crossed the road.  I really don’t know how we didn’t get stuck.  You could tell when you hit the sand because the van almost can to a complete stop.  Finally the road just got to rocky for us to safely navigate.

Here is a video


And a picture of where we almost got stuck.


While we didn’t get to see the geyser (which who knows if it would have erupted when we were there), we had a blast trying to get there.  This pit stop was about the journey not the destination!  Its important to always remember that.  Utah hasn’t let us down so far.  Cant wait to see more of it.