Moab, UT February 2017


Canyonlands is quit majestic.  James and I both feel that while the Grand Canyon is larger in size, Canyonlands wins in beauty.  The colors here are so much brighter and vary so much more.  We went to both sections of Canyonlands.  The Needles in the south and Island in the Sky in the north.  Canyonlands is located near Moab, UT.

Moab is a cool little town.  It is defiantly geared towards those interested in the outdoors.  There are a lot of mountain bike and four wheel trails here.  We stopped at a brewery and discovered Utah’s interesting alcohol laws.  Beer on draft can only be 4% abv, but you can buy the same beer in a can or bottle in regular abv and drink it at the bar.  Doesn’t make sense but OK.   At the bar we met a couple who were visiting as well.  They were camping in a tent and said they had a six month plan to be in a van.  It was great talking to them about it and being able to give some pointers.  They said that it just fed the fire for them.  I hope everything works out as planned for them.
Our visit of the north and south section of Canyonlands was divided by my trip to Las Vegas.  I flew out of Grand Junction, Co.  I have family that live very close to Grand Junction so we decided to take a quick weekend detour and go visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin.  It was great to see them all.  They are such giving people.  My Uncle is always looking out to make sure I have everything I need (thanks for the full propane tank!).  Xander had a blast playing with the horses and cows that lived next door.  It was his first time interacting with livestock.  He was pretty brave with a fence between them.  He looked forward to going out in the yard every morning.



We didn’t have the best weather while visiting.  It was cloudy, chilly, and very windy.  It seemed like all the trails here were fairly lengthy.  We didn’t do to much hiking here because James’ knee was acting up (or so he claimed).  That was fine with me because of the weather.  An advantage to going this time of year is that the Park is free in the off-season.  We didn’t have to whip out the annual pass here. The Needles section of Canyonlands is defiantly not as popular as The Island in the Sky.  I think it might be because its more out of the way to get to.



I can see the lure to this National Park.  It is amazing to see what natural has carved out of the land after thousands of years.  What we are left with is priceless sculptures of the earth.



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