Somewhere in southern  Utah
February 2017


The drive from Grand Junction, CO to Moab, UT is wonderful.  As usual we took a scenic bypass that followed the Colorado river.  Fisher Towers was a random stop that we saw as we were driving.  It was a good decision to stop off and check it out.  The huge rock towers were awesome.  It is a great rock climbing place.  If you’re into that.  I want to be into it but then reality sets in and I remember that I’m scared of that shit.



After we parked and opened the back to get Xander out a dog comes running around the front of the van.  So we close the door and wait for unleashed dog and owner to pass.  As we are waiting on them we see a lady with two dogs off leash coming up the trail to the parking lot.  So we wait a little longer for this group to pass and then let our monster out- ON HIS LEASH!  It constantly amazes us how many people are completely ignorant about keeping their pets on leash.  I understand letting your dog off leash on the trail, we do that if there isn’t lots of traffic.  The thing they don’t think about is everyone else.  What if someone wasn’t crazy about dogs or afraid of them?  What if (in our situation) there is another dog who is not dog friendly?  At least leash your dog when you are close to the trail head or in the parking lot.  Ok rant over!
On the drive to this stop James had a great idea.  We stopped and he got the drone out and he flew it along the van as we drove down the river.  It was a really great idea.  We have done it a couple times since.  It will be footage for our you tube channel.  There is a beautiful property along the river that has cabins you can rent out.  It would be fun to go back there when it is warmer and do some river floating.  The river is really gentle in this section.

On the Fisher Towers trail I tried to make Xander pose for pictures numerous times.  I managed to catch a few of him and James.  They both hate being in pictures.  We found a few good opportunities to get pictures of unique trees also.




We cut this hike short so that we could move on to Canyonlands.  I love finding random gems like this along the way.  The great part about what we are doing is that we can change our plans and any point and make any stop/side trip that we want.  Whatever strikes us at the moment is what we are doing, and it is always the right choice.



2 thoughts on “FISHER TOWERS

  1. I agree with you about people having their dog on a leash. I am allergic and don’t want some dog coming up to me. I really like the picture of the three of you together.

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