Fruita, UT February 2017

We headed to Capitol Reef National Park after our fail to see the Crystal Geyser. Capitol Reef is an old Mormon settlement area. There is also history of Native Americans, but not much is known about them. They know that unlike other tribes they didn’t move with the seasons. They stayed here full time. They don’t know what they called themselves or why the left. A tiny river called the Freemont River cuts through this park, and so the name was given, The Freemont people.

On our travels we try to take scenic bypasses as much as possible. This is something neither of us have ever done before. Seems like in the hustle of life even if you did do a road trip it was always a rush to get to where you were going because you had limited time to get there, do your thing, and get back to work. I love that we have time to enjoy the route to our destination now. It adds so much more to the experience.

As seems to be the theme of our travels so far, this park is also formed of wonderful red rock. The canyon walls tower above you. We did a great hike in a wash that had huge canyon walls on either side. We brought Xander with us (shhh don’t tell). He loved it, except when we would make him pose for pictures. You think he would be used to it by now! We spotted a couple of big horn sheep but they were to far to get a good picture of. We found a cool rock formation that I played “where’s Waldo” in. It looks like I have no body in the picture. Xander and I played in a few other rock formations. He loves rock climbing, I think he feels like king of the mountain.





Next stop was an arch. This hike was short but really steep. We passed a couple coming down and they advised that it wasn’t worth the hike. After visiting Arches National Park we decided that we were probably jaded on our opinion of arches, and took their word for it. We turned around and moved on to see some petroglyphs. Some of these were really different. They looked like aliens carved on the rocks. For some reason this made me think of the movie Stargate.

On our way out of the park it was close to sunset so we went to sunset point. It got extremely windy. We brought Xander with us here also. He was miserable. He is to prissy to sit on the rock and the powerful wind was cold. He would cuddle up on my lap. After sitting in the freezing wind for about 15 minutes we headed back to the van. The sunset wasn’t worth the misery.

Capitol Reef was a quant park. You could almost see how the settlers lived. We got to see turkey, deer, and big horn sheep. I love seeing wildlife. It was a good decision to pass through this park. We might have to come back and spend more time here.



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