Utah- March 2017


Talk about an amazing canyon! The crazy towering rock sculptures, called hoodoos, left us speechless. It looked like a spear made of rock was pushed out through the center of earth. The elevation of Bryce canyon is between 8,000-9,000ft. So as you can imagine, in the beginning of March , it was still pretty snowy. During the day the temperature wasn’t to bad though.




We were having a good laugh at how we started our day in Grand Staircase, topless at noon, and in the snowy canyon of Bryce by the evening. It its pretty crazy to go from such different climates. A lot of our travels in Utah have been that way so far. We once overheard someone talking about how it takes ten years for a person to climatize to cold weather. Hilarious, I know, but that has been our inside joke every since we heard it. Now we joke that we are never going to be able to climatize with all the different climates we experience in a single day.


Bryce canyon was a short stop for us because of the snow. We really couldn’t do any of the hikes. When we stopped at the visitor center and asked what hikes were accessible this time of year the ranger told me, “ Honey, do you have any type of cleats for your shoes? Because it is really icy right now.” He recommended one hike that we could do. Of course, as we usually do, we did what we wanted anyway. There was a spot called Mossy Cave that we really wanted to check out. It was actually before the park entrance but still part of the canyon.

This hike was gorgeous. James talked me into hiking up to a spot that had holes in the rocks to take a picture. It was such a steep hike. Coming down was a bitch, but I made it! There was only one spot on the trail that was a little icy and we were glad we had our hiking poles. Once we got to the cave we were astonished at how awesome it was. It was not mossy, but icy. There were huge icicles hanging down from the cave and also “growing” up from the bottom. You could hear a consistent plop, plop, plop as water dripped into a puddle that had formed.



Bryce canyon was unlike anything we have ever seen. We had no idea a place like this existed. It truly is amazing. It made me think we were on a different planet. And the color of this canyon had so many variations of orange. The touch of snow on the rocks made it that much more beautiful.

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