Utah- March 2017


The weather was really cooperating with us today. You can tell that Spring is on the verge of breaking through. I’m not going to lie, I had expectations for this spot. I really thought we were going to come across some giant T-Rex track! Sadly that wasn’t the case, but it was still cool.

We drove down a dirt road, for what seems like a lifetime, trying to figure out the correct turn. This spot was on the little map we had but it was not marked at all after we got on the dirt road. After taking a right on the first dirt road we traveled about five more miles down another dirt road and finally decided to stop and do a little drone investigating because the road was starting to get a little hairy and wet. The drone helped us decide that we weren’t on the right track. James maneuvered the van in reverse for a long way before he found a decent stop to turn around. On the way back out we see another dirt road turn off that was only about two miles in. Guess what? That was the road we needed.

So we turn down that road and find a tiny, crappy sign that marks the dinosaur track spot. It also only stated that they were on top of the rocks straight in front of us. It took a little scrambling up the rock face to get to the top. Xander is really getting good at this! Once up top, we wandered around wondering how we were supposed to find these tracks. Looking back where we had already walked I finally saw them. It took looking at the big picture instead of trying to see one track. You could see the actual path of tracks. After we figured that out we saw tons of tracks all over. Crazy how tracks that old can still be seen in the rock. Why haven’t they eroded like all other rocks over time?




20170302_115220 (1)
The weather was go nice that we took our shirts off for the short walk back to the van. We enjoyed soaking up the sun and having some lunch outside. The sun felt so good on our skin. It was warming our bones.


We had a great time trying to find the dinosaur tracks. Wrong turns aren’t always wrong! We even found a cow with some pretty funny markings, it looked like she had a mustache. Finding the tracks was a great walk thru time (even though it wasn’t T-Rex).


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