Frisco, UT
March 10, 2017


This trip was a little out of the way but we wanted to check it so we made the drive. This old mining town was at the base of the San Francisco mountains in Utah. The town was formed in the late 1800’s by the miners and their family. They mined zinc, copper, lead, silver and gold here. After a major mine cave in the town started to dissipate and by the 1920’s it was all but memories.
As we drove up to what looked like part of the town we discovered we were at the cemetery. We parked here for the night and had a look around. It was strange to see that the majority of the graves were of children, and really young children. Makes you wonder what happen here to have so many children die at young ages. While I thought it might be creepy to sleep right next to an old cemetery, it really wasn’t. There were no ghost haunting that night!

In the morning James took the drone out and got some great pictures of places and things that we wouldn’t have been able to walk to. Some of this area is still being actively mined, which left a lot of areas off limits. There were a lot of big open concrete pits that had been covered with an iron grate. The drone also found a few buildings, some in better shape than others. At the top of the hill we could see an old mine shaft and what looked like a conveyor belt that might have loaded rock into trucks to be processed.
We hiked up the hill to have a closer look at the mine shaft. It was surprising how much equipment was left there. The conveyor over the shaft was in pretty good shape also. There was also some type of big motor that maybe ran the conveyor belt from the shaft to the loading area. The mine shaft also had and iron grate over it to keep people from falling in. There was also a couple of buildings still up there.

Moving on to another part of the town we found more old buildings and equipment. We also came across what looked like it used to be the kitchen. There were old rusted cans everywhere.
Utah is know for their beehive structures that were used to produce coal. We came across a spot that had five of them still standing. These giant structures are made out of big rocks and mortar. The whole thing is enclosed besides the door way and what seemed to be a vent hole at the top back. The inside of all of these beehives were completely black from all the fire and heat. A few of them were partially collapsed.
Well after hanging out with the ghost we hit the road. Next up is Mystic Hot Springs!


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