Utah has so much to offer. We never knew how amazing this state is. There is no shortage of things to do and explore in Utah. We found some very quirky things to do in Utah as well. I’m pretty sure Utah has something for everyone.
If hiking, biking, and just being outdoors is your desire then southern Utah is for you. We easily could have spent three or four months here is time permitted. The difference in landscape from Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park made it seems like there was no way they were so close geographically. Angels Landing in Zion National Park left the biggest impression. That hike was a huge accomplishment for me and something that was on James’ bucket list. Places like Zion and Arches are much more enjoyable if you hit them in the off season. We were lucky that we hit these places before huge summer rush, even still some of the places we stopped were crawling with people.
Some of the more peculiar places were things like the Mummum church and Zaqistan. The Mummum church is a place that mummifies people and pets. When we pulled up to this place I instantly made up my mind that I wasn’t going in. It just seemed to creepy, and it looked like it was some guys house with a pyramid in the yard. Apparently that is a tomb and the guy who came up with this religion is in there. Zaqistan, which is it’s own country ,is located north west of Salt Lake. This was like a treasure hunt, but the treasure was a bunch of junk in the middle of nowhere. It took us most of the day to find Zaqistan but it was worth it. “What the hell” is the best way to describe this place.
Salt Lake City is a great place. Sometimes it’s a nice break to visit a city for a while. The dinning, though we try not to do to much of it, gave lots of variety. We even took time to stop and catch a movie while in Salt Lake City. There were two gardens that we went to and they were free. The bar scene was plentiful also, even though they have 4% abv draught in Utah! Just on the east edge of The Great Salt Lake we stopped to see the Spiral Jetty. This is a huge earth sculpture that can be seen when the water level is low enough.
I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised by Utah. I really didn’t we would find so many amazing adventures here. Having the annual National Park/Monument pass paid for itself in Utah alone. Now we are heading to the wet state of Oregon.


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