Bend, OR
April 8, 2017


Smith Rock is a little state park packed with an abundance of rock climbers. There is a small stream that runs through it and rock faces of all different sizes. I’m not a climber, but I could spend all day here just watching everyone climb.

08-10-07 CentralOR 106
We spent a few days in Bend and got to catch up with friends there. Bend is a fun little town. Lots of great breweries and activities. There is a spot in town that a river runs through and has rapids that people surf in and practice kayaking. Our friends, Erica and Trevor, let us use their shower and made us a delicious dinner. We also went to Deschutes brewery and first Friday with them. First Friday is an event where shops downtown host entrepreneurs trying to sell their products. Some shops have music and drinks too. The great part about the van being our home, we don’t have to worry about driving after having a few to many drinks. Which we took advantage of that night.
Trevor and Erica recommended Smith Rock so we went there before we headed out of Bend. I’m glad we went. There were a couple of different trail options with different degrees of difficulty. You hike down into a small valley to the stream and the trails hug the rock faces. Xander got lots of practice being a good boy on this trail. It was narrow and lots of people and dogs. He did very good with the people but he struggled with the other dogs.
It seemed like every turn you made there was a rock wall with people all over it. They looked like little spots of color on the rock. Every other person we passed on the trail had their climbing gear with them. On our way back we came across a guy who had his climbing gear with him and his dog. He was trying to cross the bridge over the river. This was a challenge because his poor dog was afraid of bridges. We watched him try about 3 or 4 times. I finally asked him if he wanted me to hold is bag so he could carry his dog across. He declined the offer, guess he was trying to work on the dogs fear.



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