April 9, 2017


After leaving Bend, OR we decided to head south and then cut over to the coast and drive hwy 101 all the way up Oregon. Being that it was early April we knew that we might not get the best weather, but we had to push through so that we could be in Alaska by mid May.
The plan was to stop at Crater Lake first. Well that will have to be for another time, there was 18 feet of snow at the visitor center. You have to be open to change when living on the road, so we just kept driving. Klamath Falls is just south of Crater Lake, which is where we stopped for a break. There isn’t much to see here, but we did find a nice park and a small lake. The lake was peaceful after the kids on their ATV’s finally left.

From Klamath Falls we cut over west to Ashland. I really liked this little town. It is tucked away in the mountains. We found a park that had a Japanese garden in it. Dogs weren’t allowed in the park and it was raining so we just did a quick walk through. Of course the landscape was beautiful. After having a beer at the local brewery (every tiny little town in Oregon has a brewery) we decided to call it a night. In the morning Xander and I went for a run on an awesome paved path that passed by some llamas, which Xander wanted to play with.



The next town was Medford. Our first impression of this town was that is was a shit hole. It seemed liked no one took any pride in the town or themselves. I realized that I didn’t file my taxes yet, so we got that taken care of. Taxes are always so painful so we went to have a drink after that. James found Opposition Brewing. It was such a friendly place. Just a small family owned brewery that was getting ready to expand. They are dog friendly and weren’t very busy so we asked if anyone would mind helping us work with our beast. Xander actually did amazing. He even made friends with one man, who told us great stories about traveling on his motorcycle. I’m always so grateful when we find places and people like this. It takes a lot of understanding when it comes to a dog with anxiety, like Xander.

Next stop was the coast. The highway we took dipped down into northern California and we caught hwy 101 from Crescent City. The highway in California followed a beautiful river, the water was so blue. We also stopped at an amazing waterfall right next to the highway.

So far our weather wasn’t too bad. I hope the weather on the coast holds out this good. This leg of the journey was uneventful, but a nice drive with lots of green. It is so refreshing to see so much green, and so many different shades of green. With any luck we will get to see a whale on our coastal drive.



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